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    NOTE: This story I found on Litorotica and this is my tribute to the author wanting to spread it around for him or her.

    “What a sight for sore eyes!” I beamed, then gave my oldest sister a hug that lifted her off the ground. She was actually a step-sister, not related by blood but by marriage. But since I didn’t have any memories without her in my life, she and her sister were both, as far as I was concerned, my real sisters.

    Colette laughed, “Okay, you can let me down, now, Mark,” I set her down gently, still gazing into her pretty face. “I missed you, too.” Colette gave me a kiss on the cheek and grabbed one of my bags, helping me get them into the trunk of her car.

    We drove for about an hour getting to the house, talking and laughing about how long it had been. My two older sisters and I had grown up together in the midwest, and we were always very close, but as we got older, they moved out, went to college, all that stuff that normal kids eventually do. Colette was now 26 years old, and I was 18. My other sister, Jennifer, would be 22 in just a few more days. I hadn’t seen much of either of them for the last couple of years as they were both tied up in their respective pursuits. Colette was a new, young college professor in the English department at the university in central Washington, and Jennifer, the brain, had just started working her way through graduate school in Physics.

    Both were still single, and both Colette and our parents thought it would be a wonderful idea for me to go off and live with them while I started my own trek through college, since it would make the bills much easier to bear.

    I was rather amazed to see a very nice, small, but well manicured yard leading up to a very nice house. I guess I still envisioned them living in a trashy apartment like most college kids.

    “Wow, this is a nice place.” I exclaimed, “I didn’t realize college professors were rich!”

    “I’m not rich, silly, but I make enough to live on, and the housing prices around here aren’t exactly steep. It was a bit of a fixer upper when I bought it last year, but with a little care and some elbow grease, it’s pretty nice. 3 bedrooms, 2-1/2 bathrooms, and the best part – a swimming pool and jacuzzi out back.”

    “You’re kidding me, you’ve got your own pool? I may never move out!”

    “Oh, I’ll let you stay a while!” she laughed as we pulled up to a stop in the driveway, then put the car in park and patted my thigh, “I miss my little brother so much, I may never let you leave!”

    Colette and I had always been very close while I was growing up. I would hang on her all the time as a child and she indulged me. As a teenager, she’d take me with her shopping or to movies, and even spend evenings home on the weekends just to hang out with me. Whenever I had problems at school or with friends, I’d go to her even before talking to my parents, and she’d help me work it out. She was just about the best older sister a guy could get. When she left for college after high school, I was devastated, and wanted to call her all the time and talk. As I grew older, we spoke less and less, as I always had something to be doing out with friends or whatnot, but she still called me every week or two and we’d spend hours on the phone. From childhood to the present day, she was still the closest friend I’d ever had.

    We walked into the house with my bags and she showed me the room she had prepared for me. It was small, but had a connecting bathroom and a nice view out the front window at the flower garden she had planted. There was a queen sized bed, already made up with clean sheets and blankets, an old oak dresser, probably from an antique store, knowing Colette, and a desk.

    “I assume you’ll be doing a lot of studying up here, so I made sure you had a nice desk to work with,” she smiled as she placed the bag she was carrying on the bed, then gave me another great big hug, “Oh Mark, I’m so glad you decided to come here. I just know you’ll love it, I can’t wait to show you all the cool places around town.”

    “Thanks, sis,” I said, laughing at her rush of emotion, “I really appreciate you letting me come and live here, seems like a really cool place to live.”

    She kissed me on the cheek again and held my face in her hands, looking at me. “I can’t believe how grown up you are. When I left home you were a cute little 10 year old boy, now you’re all big and muscley. And cute…” she laughed.

    “Okay, mom,” I chuckled sarcastically, “I’m all grown up now, you’re just going to have to deal with it!”

    “One thing I need to tell you,” she said, letting me go and getting a bit more serious, “there’s something I need to tell you about Jenny, so you won’t be shocked when you find out for yourself…”

    “Okay… what, did she grow an extra nose on her face or something?” I joked.

    “No, nothing like that, but you should know that she’s got… someone.”

    “What’s the big deal? So she’s got a boyfriend, that’s not exactly news.”

    “Well, it’s not like you think,” she said, “she doesn’t have a boyfriend, hasn’t had one for a while, actually. What she’s got…” She seemed to be looking at me to judge how I was going to react, “is a girlfriend.”

    I have to admit I was a little stunned. Jenny never struck me as ‘that type’, although, growing up in our little town, I never met anyone who was ‘that type’, so how would I have known? “You mean she’s a lesbian?” I blurted out.

    “Yes, are you going to be o.k. with that? You aren’t gonna freak out or anything?”

    “Well, I’m a bit surprised, but she’s still my sister, it’s not like she has the plague or something. No, I’m not going to freak out, but I guess I am a little shocked.”

    “Good. I just didn’t want you to be caught by surprise when you see them together. Her girlfriend, Tammy, is here a lot. In fact, I didn’t see them when we came in, but that red car in front of the house is hers, so most likely they’re both out back by the pool or something. That’s why I brought you up to your room right away, I wanted to tell you before you found out on your own. Anyway, why don’t you come downstairs with me and say hello, then I can make some sandwiches and we can eat and catch up.”

    We went down the stairs, and, sure enough, there by the pool was Jennifer and her girlfriend Tammy, laying down in lounge chairs in the sun. Finding out she was a lesbian didn’t really bother me much, but what I saw out the glass doors to the pool gave me a start. They weren’t doing anything, just lying there, but they were completely naked. I looked away quickly. “Uh, do they normally go around buck naked all day?” I asked Colette.

    Colette giggled and put a hand over her mouth, “Oops, someone must not have noticed we were home. Give me a minute and I’ll let them know.”

    I made a point of sitting down at the kitchen bar and staring at the oak cabinets while Colette went out the back door to talk to them. Sister or not, I was having a hard time not turning around and staring. Jennifer was beautiful and sexy just laying out there by the pool, and her girlfriend was not exactly ugly either. I could feel myself getting hard and was trying not to think about them when the glass door opened up again and all three women came into the house. Thankfully, Jenny and Tammy were now wearing terrycloth robes. I still couldn’t help but thinking about what I’d seen a moment before and that they were just one tug of the belt away from being completely naked again.

    “Mark!” Jenny yelled as I stood up and turned to face them. She ran up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, giving me a warm kiss on the cheek as she squeezed the life out of me. I hugged her back and laughed.

    “Hey sis, it’s so good to see you!”

    “Oh my gosh I missed you so much,” she exlaimed, running the sentence together into a single word. She was still squeezing me, which seemed to be lasting a long time, then abruptly let go and grabbed me by the hand, dragging me over to Tammy. “I want you to meet Tammy, Tammy’s my best friend in the world, we’ve been friend since my first day here.”

    “Hi, I’m Mark,” I said, reaching my hand out to shake, Jenny still had my left hand in hers, squeezing it tight. Tammy shook hands with me.

    “Nice to meet you, Mark,” she laughed, “I’ve been hearing all about you, actually, I’ve been hearing about nothing but you from Jen here for the last week. You must be one heck of a great brother!”

    I laughed, “I’m not sure I qualify for that, I may have been voted most annoying brother at one time, though!”

    “Oh no, I never thought you were annoying,” Jenny joked, “You were always the perfect little angel.”

    We stood there and talked for a few more moments, exchanging pleasantries, while Jenny continued to squeeze the life out of my hand and beam at me from the side. I felt like her prized trophy that she was showing off to her best friend.

    “O.k., we’ll I’m going to make some sandwiches for Mark and I,” Colette said, walking into the kitchen, “are you two hungry, would you like to join us?”

    Tammy looked at the clock, “You know, I wish I could, but I really have to get going, my shift at the espresso bar starts in about 20 minutes. It was really nice to meet you, Mark, I’ll see you around.”

    “You, too.” I said, “I’ll try to return Jenny to normal before you see her again,” I laughed, Jenny was still holding my hand and now was leaning her head on my shoulder, she slapped me lightly on the chest.

    “I am normal, I’m just happy to see my little brother again!”

    Tammy went upstairs to get her clothes on then Jen saw her to the door and gave her a big kiss on the way out, tongue and all. I couldn’t help but stare for a moment, I just never figured by sister to be a lesbian. Colette brought me back to earth, “Okay, leave them be, why don’t you help me make some sandwiches.” I snapped out of it and went into the kitchen with her.

    We all sat around and talked for a couple of hours. It was a Saturday afternoon in the middle of the summer, and we had all weekend to catch up. Colette was teaching summer classes, but the load was pretty light, she was only working half time. She said she spent most of her time reading good books and hanging out with friends. Asked if she was seeing anyone, she said the dates had been few and far between.

    “I just can’t seem to get that interested in any of the men around here,” she said, “They’re either stuffy college professors, or young college kids just looking for a fling, and I make it a point to stay away from students anyway. What about you, Mark, did you leave anyone pining for your warm, loving arms back home?”

    I blushed a little bit, “Not really,” I replied, “I’ve been dating a girl named Kristi that I met my sophomore year in high school. But it was just for fun more than anything else, never really got serious. She’s leaving at the end of the summer for college on the east coast. We said our goodbyes, but I don’t think either of us expected anything further anyway. What about you, Jen, tell me about this new, ah, development?”

    Jen laughed. She’d been sitting next to me, and was still doting on me like her long lost teddy bear, stroking my hair from time to time, leaning her head on my shoulder, giving me little side-hugs as we talked. We’d always been close, and she’d always been a very touchy-feely kind of person, so I didn’t really mind, but it was a little bit over the top. Then again, most things with Jen went over the top, so it wasn’t that surprising, she was always the outgoing one in the family.

    “Well, I guess I just kind of fell in love.” She swooned, a dreamy look in her eyes, “I know it’s probably a little strange for you, both of you, to see me kissing a girl. I hope it doesn’t make you too uncomfortable. Tammy and I meet in a math class our first year, and became great friends almost immediately. We hung out together, studied together, really just became good friends. I never really thought of her in… that way. I was dating this guy, who turned out to be a real creep. I think he only wanted to get into my pants, and after a few weeks, when I didn’t let him, he got really upset. I was kind of scared, actually, he started yelling and getting all macho, telling me that I was a bitch and all sorts of nasty things like that. I left his dorm room and took off through campus crying and ran into Tammy on the way home. She took me back to her place and we talked and I cried for a while, and eventually she let on that she was attracted to me.

    I was actually kind of shocked, I never would have guessed that she ‘played both teams’. It was an awkward few moments, but then she started talking about how much she liked me and how sad she was to see me hurt. We were sitting on her couch and she had her arm around me, and was drying my tears. I just thought, what the hell? How bad could it be? She was giving me a hug and then pulled back and looked into my eyes, with tears falling down… now that I remember it, it was so romantic… she started kissing my face everywhere she saw a tear. I was starting to feel a lot better. Did you ever get those butterflies in your stomach when you had your first kiss with someone? There was a swarm of them in mine. When she finally kissed me on the lips, I was all hers.”

    “Wow,” I said, feeling a little strange about hearing all of that. I had expected she’d give me a flippant, matter of fact answer, not go into romantic story-telling mode! “So do you not like guys anymore? Found something better?”

    “No, nothing like that, I just fell in love with my best friend, is all. I’m still attracted to guys, I’m just totally involved with Tammy.” The conversation had become really serious. Jen decided to break the ice a little, “In fact,” she continued, “I think she has the hots for you, little brother!” she snuggled into my arm again, “Right before she left she was telling me how cute you are!”

    We all just laughed. I was actually starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. Mainly because I had just been thinking about how good looking Tammy was, and now found out she’s thinks I’m cute, and, oh, by the way, she’s involved with my own sister! But this was just the beginning, the awkwardness had hardly begun, which I didn’t realize until I heard Jen say…

    “So I want to make sure you’re o.k. with this,” Jen said, “not just that I’m in love with a girl, but also the fact that, well, we’re pretty casual around here…”

    “Jen,” Colette warned, “now that Mark’s here, I think maybe you and Tammy might need to be a little more modest around the house.”

    “Well, let me just talk to him about it,” Jen responded, “Mark’s a big boy, now, he can tell me if he’s uncomfortable.”

    “What on earth are you talking about?” I asked, “I already saw the two of you kissing, I don’t think it will kill me, although I might stare from time to time.” I smiled.

    “There’s one little thing…” Jen was being sly.

    “The ‘one little thing’,” Colette said, “is that Jen and Tammy often walk around the house in less than a full set of clothing, sometimes in none at all. Jen, I really think you two are going to need to tone it down, when it was just us girls, it was no big deal, but I think out of respect for Mark you two are going to have to wear clothing when he’s home. I know I’m asking a lot of you,” Colette was getting sarcastic, “but maybe you could put for the herculean effort to keep your pants on.”

    I laughed, “You’ve got to be kidding me, you two walk around naked all day? What is this, some sort of nudist colony?”

    “Oh, it’s nothing like that,” Jen laughed, “well, o.k., maybe it’s a little bit like that. It’s just that it’s summer time and it’s hot outside and it just doesn’t seem like a big need to wear clothes everywhere. Geez, Colette, it’s not like you always walk around here fully dressed, either!”

    “No, but now that Mark’s here I will. This really shouldn’t be a big deal, Jen.”

    “Jen, Colette, don’t worry about it. I’ll make you a deal, you can all go around in the buff, but don’t get upset when I’m walking around the house staring with my tongue hanging out all the time!” I was actually a little embarrassed, but these were my two older sisters, after all, and we’d always been close enough to talk about most anything, even sex. In fact, Colette was the first one to answer my questions abou the birds and the bees…

    “Oh my gosh,” Colette sighed, “whatever… you two are strange.”

    Jen laughed and looked me in the face, “Really, Mark?”

    “What?” I said, as if we were just talking about the time of day…

    “You’ll really keep your tongue hanging out if I walk around naked? I didn’t realize you were so attracted to me…” she teased.

    “Yeah, whatever.” I laughed back, rolling my eyes, “You’re a grown woman with big boobs and a fit body and you don’t think I’ll notice? Sister or not, I’ll notice.”

    “Ohhh…” Jen cooed, leaning her head into my should and giving me a hug from the side, “Marky has a crush on me…”

    “Yeah, baby, it’s all about you.” I joked.

    “Oh gag me.” Colette wrinkled up her face, “get a room, you two…”

    “Oooo, sweetcheeks, do you think we should?” Jen said in a high pitch girly voice.

    “Come with me, my fair princess, and I will show you the wonders of the world…” I continued acting out my part, lowering my voice to sound like a cheesy actor.

    We’d played this game before when we were younger, much younger. I noticed it had a little more significance now that we were of age, and was actually feeling the butterflies in my stomach. Because of Jen? I really must be losing it, I thought. But we played along, Jen and I faking date talk and Colette making sarcastic remarks. It was just like home again.

    “Pardon me,” Colette said, smiling, “I’m going to go throw up now.” She stood up and cleared the plates from the table. Jen turned me toward her, wrapped her hand around my mouth, then brought her face up against it and pretended to make out with me, moaning all the time. That lasted a few seconds before we just broke off laughing. Colette rolled her eyes again and went into the kitchen.

    A little more seriously now, Jen asked, “So what do you think about Tammy? Isn’t she the sweetest, cutest girl you ever met?”

    I wasn’t sure how to respond to that one. “Well, I only really just met her…”

    “Oh come on, I saw the way you looked at her!”

    “Jen, I only just met her, and why are you asking me this? She’s you’re… girlfriend.” I nearly stuttered.

    “Still have a difficult time with that one, huh?”

    “It will take some getting used to, but I think I’ll manage.”

    “I just love her so much, and I want you to like her, too, I guess. Besides,” she said with a mischievous grin, “I like you so much, I just might share her with you if you’re nice to me!”

    I turned beet red, “Uh, yeah, right.” I said, tentatively.

    “Oh, I’m just giving you trouble. Come out, let’s go out for a swim!”

    “O.k.,” I said, and started walking to the glass doors.

    “Aren’t you going to go up and change into swimshorts first?” Jen asked.

    “Oh, I thought we were all just going around naked now!” I joked, then turned toward the steps, “Of course I am, just because you’re a nudist doesn’t mean I’m going to be one!”

    Jen actually went up the stairs and changed as well, she said maybe she would just ease into that little situation with me for now. I got out to the pool before Jen came out of her room, so got the singular pleasure of watching her walk out the door and drop a towel and her robe onto a lounge chair. Jen is about 5 foot 4 inches, with beautiful long, straight Auburn hair. Let’s just say if she had been an unrelated girl my age in high school, she’d have been way out of my league. Her brown eyes and dimples could bring most grown men to their knees just from her simple beauty and incredible cuteness. She was athletic, and had been on the swim-team all through highschool. While she didn’t have large breasts, her body was compact and shapely. To sum up, she looked absolutely fantastic in her tight, french cut one-piece speedo. My first thought was ‘oh my gosh, she’s going to be walking around the house naked, I won’t be able to keep it down…’

    She dove into the pool and swam over to me. We grabbed a ball and tossed it back and forth for a while while we talked and joked about everything under the sun. It was great spending time with Jen again.

    After 20 minutes or so, Colette came out to join us. She looked fantastic as well, and almost as cute as Jen. Her hair was a similar color, but had some blonde highlights from the hairdresser, and she’d inherited our mother’s green eyes. She wasn’t the swimming freak that Jen was, and so rather than a speedo was wearing a pink string bikini, purposefully displaying her more than ample breasts for all the world to see. She was carrying a tray with a pitcher and some glasses, all full of margaritas.

    “Now, I know you’re not 21, yet, Mark, so I made a special glass of lime juice for you, while Jen and I enjoy these stiff margaritas.” She winked at me. Jen and I came up out of the pool to where she was now sitting at an umbrella table on the deck. “I know you’re not ready to start holding down alcohol, so yours is a virgin.”

    I smirked back at her as she handed me a glass. It looked exactly like all the others, but I didn’t figure she’d lie to me about it. russiansdolls.top Imagine my surprise when I took the first sip and got a strong burn in my throat as I swallowed, then coughed.

    “Crap, Colette, it’s a good joke, but did you have to dump the entire bottle of tequila into mine?”

    Colette just laughed, “Sorry, I guess I overdid it just a little bit, but it’s not just yours, it’s the entire pitcher, so bottoms up everyone!”

    We all started the drinking and talking and joking. It didn’t seem to me like it lasted very long, but soon the pitcher was empty and we were on our last glass each, and we were laughing like crazy, everything was hilarious. In other words, we were all good and drunk.

    “So, Marky,” Jen said, “tell me about the girl you left behind, was she cute?”

    “Why,” I laughed at her, “are you looking for another girlfriend?”

    Colette had just taken a drink but couldn’t keep from laughing, and so ended up spitting a mouthful across the table at us.

    “Oh gross, Colette, spit away from the table, please, you redneck! No, Mark, I’m not looking for a new girlfriend, I just wanted to know if she was pretty or not? All the pretty girls want to date you, don’t they?”

    “Well, I think she was pretty,” I started.

    “But does she have big boobs like these?” Colette yelled, grabbing her chest and shaking it a little. She had clearly taken leave of her senses.

    “Colette!” Jen squealed, “You are bad. You’re making your brother stare at your boobs!”

    She was right, I was staring at Colette’s breasts as she held them in her hands. I could feel myself getting hard, but thankfully was scooted up to the table enough that neither of them would notice.

    “Mark, you bad boy,” she laughed, “don’t you know you’re not supposed to stare at your sister’s boobs?”

    “It might be easier not to stare if you weren’t groping them in front of me…” I suggested, hoping that she wouldn’t stop. I was actually, in my drunken stupor, starting to think about what was underneath that pink bikini top…

    Jen scooted closer to me and lay her head on my shoulder again, as was her custom. I could feel her long hair against my bare chest and back, and it wasn’t doing anything at all to stem the tide of hormones that had suddenly started racing through my system. “It’s o.k., Marky,” her mouth was so close I could feel her hot breath on my ear, “I stare at her boobs, too, their so nice and plump, like fresh melons.” I looked down at Jen and she was, indeed, staring at Colette’s breasts. This was getting really strange, but sexy, in a drunk sort of way.

    “You two are really sick.” Colette said, laughing, hands still on her breasts, “You’re both sitting there lusting after your sister’s boobs!”

    Jen downed the last drink of her margarita, still leaning on my shoulder, “Take your top off, let us see them,” she said quietly, almost like a dream, “let us see your pretty breasts.”

    “Yeah, right, the nudist wants my top off,” Colette took another drink of her margarita, “in front of my own brother, no less.”

    “You show me yours and I’ll show you mine…” laughed Jen.

    “You first.”

    “Well why all the modesty around here then?” Jen said confidently. It was at this time that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that all parties were truly drunk. Jen stood up and looked at the two of us. “It’s not like you guys haven’t seen a naked body before.” She pulled the shoulder straps down from her arms. Not slowly, not tentatively, she just took it all off right there, and without so much as a blush, sat down next to me and cozied up to my shoulder again. This was killing me. I had a steel pole sticking up in my shorts by now, and could feel not just her hair on my skin, but now her right breast rubbing up against my arm.

    “Well fine, if you’re going to be that way,” Colette slurred, “then I’m taking it off, too.” And with that, she stood up and very matter-of-factly untied the strings of her bikini, letting it drop to the deck – top, bottom, everything. I don’t think anything could have shocked me more at the moment. I expected flamboyant behaviour like this from Jen, but this wasn’t like Colette at all. She actually did a little turn so we could see every bit of her. This wasn’t making it any easier to hide my raging erection. “I’m going to get that bottle of tequila, let’s do some shots!” and with that, she walked into the house, grabbed the bottle and some shot glasses, and then scooted her chair up next to me and sat down, pouring us each a full glass.

    “Bottoms up!” she said, gulping down the liquor. I did the same, I needed some more liquor in me after all of that. Jen was content to simply sip hers.

    “Now,” Jen explained, “Mark, you have two gorgeous girls naked on either side of you, don’t you think it’s time you got a little more comfortable yourself?”

    “Ah, I’m not so sure about that…” I said, not wanting to display my hard erection for my sisters…

    “Oh come on,” Jen said, “it’s not like we haven’t both seen it before!”

    “Yeah,” Colette joined in, “I used to take your clothes of and give you a bath each night. Nothing under those shorts I’m unfamiliar with!”

    “That was a long time ago,” I laughed, “I don’t think it’s quite the same as it was back then.”

    “Well we’re due for an update, then.” Said Jen, “C’mon, get those shorts off!” and with that she ran her hand down my chest, slowly, to my stomach, slowly, to the rim of my shorts.

    “Jen, what are you doing?” I asked, looking at her hand on the hem of my shorts.

    “Oh, nothing…”

    “Don’t worry,” Colette said, now leaning into my opposite shoulder. Oh hell, her breast on my arm was driving me nuts, I just started repeating in my head, ‘They’re your sisters, they’re your sisters, they’re your…’

    “We won’t tell anyone, just let yourself go a little bit,” Colette was now imitating Jen, taking her hand down my chest and stomach down to my shorts.

    “You two are drunk.” I said flatly, not really wanting to expose myself.

    “Oh get over it,” Jen said, her hand now rubbing up my left thigh, beginning to tug at the bottom of my shorts, “you’ll feel much better when you’re naked…”

    I felt myself starting to give in. In retrospect, I now realize that the girls weigh quite a bit less than I do, so the fact that we consumed about the same amount of booze meant they were much more drunk than I was, but that last shot of tequila was starting to kick in and I was losing the willpower to hold the line.

    “So what are you planning to do once my shorts are off?” I asked, realizing that I had already decided it was going to happen.

    “I don’t know,” Jen said, “maybe something fun… maybe just stare at you for a while, which is what you’ve been doing to us all afternoon.”

    “Uh huh,” I said, feeling Jen tugging the left leg of my short down my thigh, and Colette pulling the hem on the right side down my hip. They started to pull a little bit harder, and I not only gave in, I helped by lifting my bottom up off the seat a little bit, letting the shorts slip down my hips and thighs. It didn’t take long before my erection was seeing the light of day and the shorts were around my ankles.

    “Oh my god it’s huge!” Colette yelled, then laughed heartily, “It’s grown so much since you were five!”

    “Ha, ha,” I said languidly, “very funny.”

    “it is kind of nice, though” Jen chimed in, “very masculine.”

    “I should hope so.” I laughed along with them. A little embarrased, but with enough booze in me not to really care any more.

    “I think we should do some tanning,” Colette said, “I need to get my skin to that nice bronze color. What do you say, Mark, Jen, want to join me on the lounge chairs for some sun?”

    In a drunken haze, I stood up from my chair, and almost immediately fell down. I didn’t realize how far gone I really was. Jen and Colette each took an arm and we walked over to the lounge chairs and lay down with one of them on each side of me. My erection was still at full tilt, and now, lying on my back, about the tallest thing in near sight.

    “Geez, Marky, you look like you need some kind of release!” Jen laughed, staring at my throbbing member.

    “Yeah, well, no luck for that here.” I said, chuckling.

    “Oh, I wouldn’t mind,” Jen said, “You could relieve yourself if you really needed to…”

    “I think,” I said, stumbling over my words, “I think when I’m sober again I might regret that.”

    We lay there, barely talking for about a half hour, or so I’d guess. My erection showed no signs of slowing down, and a little bit of pre-cum started dripping down the side. Even drunk, I realized this was not the kind of thing to be doing with my sisters, and that if I went any further we might really regret it later. So rather than doing what I felt like doing, for instance, jumping on top of one of them and having wild, ravenous sex, (which in my inebriated state probably would have only lasted about five seconds), I got up and jumped into the cool water of the pool, hoping to clear my head and lose the erection. It didn’t really help with either, but the cool water felt good on my hot skin after lying in the sun.

    Colette and Jenny eventually followed me into the pool and we tossed a ball around for a while and told each other dirty jokes, but that was it. After a time, I started sobering up and realized we were all naked (go figure). As nonchalantly as I could, I stepped out of the pool (still with raging erection from staring at my naked sisters) and grabbed my towel and shorts, dried off, and went to the bathroom to relieve myself.

    I know what you’re thinking, but that’s not what I did, I actually had to pee, and once that was done, the erection died down pretty well. I put my shorts back on, now back to my senses, and looked at myself in the mirror while I washed my hands. It suddenly struck me, getting more and more sober all the time now, that we had just done something really, really taboo. I figured the girls were still pretty out of it, and out of respect for them and what they might think when they sobered up, I went to my room rather than back to the pool, and started unpacking.

    It was about an hour later, still unpacking and putting things in order, that I heard Colette yell up at me from the kitchen if I was interested in pizza for dinner and if so what kind. I came down the stairs to respond. Both girls were now in bathrobes, I still in my swimshorts and a t-shirt. As I walked down the stairs, I was wondering how they were going to react now that they realized what had happened. I was un-prepared for their reaction, to say the least.

    “Hey, did you want hawian or sausage or something else?” Colette asked me.

    “Oh,” said Jen, staring down at my crotch, “I think I’ll definitely have the sausage!”

    “Ah, Jen?” I said, “are you still drunk?”

    Both of them just busted up laughing. “You don’t have to be embarrassed, Mark,” Colette explained, it’s not like we did anything really nasty, we just got drunk and walked around naked. Native peoples in this region used to do that without even getting drunk! Get over it, tell me what kind of pizza you want.”

    Stunned at the plain way in which she was talking of all this, I just murmered, “I’ll take the Hawiian.”

    “Yeah,” Jen said, “Hawaiians are hot!”

    That was just about enough teasing for me. “Are you two crazy? Do you know what just happened in the last few hours? Don’t you think it’s a little bit, oh, I don’t know, strange, for a brother and two sisters to be sitting around drinking tequila and swimming nude together? And now you’re making jokes about my… my…” I couldn’t get it out, I was just too frustrated and annoyed. How could they not understand this wasn’t right? I turned around and walked back up the stairs to my room. I didn’t slam the door, but I didn’t exactly shut it quietly, either.

    I sat on the bed consumed in my own thoughts. I couldn’t believe this had gotten so far out of hand and they just didn’t seem to care one bit. Did they have any idea of the guilt going through me about what had happened? All my life I’d been taught to do right, and probably the most taboo subject on the face of the earth was sexual activity with family members. Sure, they weren’t blood related, so legally it wasn’t a problem, but to me, they were my sisters in every way shape and form. What frustrated me even more was the fact that they were so incredibly desireable women. How was I supposed to stand up to that?

    About 10 minutes had gone by, and I heard a quiet knock on the door. I briefly considered ignoring it, figuring it was just going to be more joking and making light of a serious problem. I decided to give whoever it was another chance, though, and opened up the door.

    Colette was standing in the doorway wearing her terry-cloth robe she’d had on since leaving the pool. She wasn’t laughing, what a relief. “Can I come in and talk to you for a minute?” she asked softly. What could I say? She was acting normal again.

    “Sure.” I said, and left it at that. I went back and sat on the bed once more.

    Colette followed me to the bed and sat down next to me. “I’m really sorry for upsetting you,” she said, “we didn’t mean to hurt you or make fun of you or make you feel bad, we were just joking around.” I just sat there, silent. “What I can’t figure out,” she continued, “is whether you are more upset about us joking while ordering pizza, or more upset about the drinking and lack of clothing?” I was still calming down. She clearly wanted to work it out, but I wasn’t sure I was ready to give in just yet. Still silent.

    “Mark, can’t you even talk to me about it? I’m so sorry I hurt you,” I couldn’t see the tears, because I wasn’t looking at her, but I could hear it in her voice. This was the nuclear option. No man can resist one of my sisters when they are crying. Hell, even our parents couldn’t hardly handle it. As I stared down at the floor, I noticed a tear fall on her hand, cleverly positioned in her lap. I always wondered whether this was scripted, or real, the crying bit. I guess I have to believe that my sisters are, while annoying and troublesome sometimes, almost always sincere. She reached the tear-stained hand over to my lap and placed her hand over mine. “Can you forgive me? I’m not even sure what I did that was so wrong, but can you forgive me? I love you so much.”

    Finally, I looked up. There were two or three tears tracing the contours of her face, one down the edge of her nose to her lips, another from the far corner of her eye rolling down her cheek and off the side of her graceful chin. I’d lost big time and I knew it. I put an arm around her and looked into her eyes. “I love you, too, Colette.” I was nearly in tears now, “In fact I love you and Jenny more than anyone else in my life. Maybe that’s why I got so upset about what happened. I just felt so confused. On the one hand, you are my sisters, and I have nothing but love and respect for you, I’d do anything for the two of you. On the other hand…” I got quiet again, not sure that I could say what was on my mind.

    “What, Mark? Tell me, you can tell me anything, you know that.” The tears seem to have subsided, but the wavering in her voice was still there, just below the surface, ready to come back out any moment.

    “On the other hand,” I started again, unsure of how she would take what I wanted to say, “On the other hand…” I had to force it out, and said it more bluntly than I’d intended, “you are also the two most attractive and funny and intelligent women that I’ve ever known, and I can’t keep myself from…”

    “From…” she finished my sentence for me, ‘we’re still close enough to finish each other’s sentences’, I thought, “From getting turned on and wanting something more than what you think you should?” she asked.

    “Oh my gosh, Colette,” the tears were stinging my eyes now, “get real, if you and Jen weren’t my sisters I’d be fantasizing about marrying one of you. The reason I never got serious with my last girlfriend is because she just didn’t measure up, and I don’t mean physically. She was beautiful, not as beautiful as you, but she was, and the reason we left for different colleges is because I couldn’t bring myself to fall in love with her the way I should have, and she knew it. She just wasn’t…”

    “Wasn’t what?” Colette asked, embracing me in a tight hug while we both cried on each other’s shoulder.

    I pulled back just a bit, and looked into her deep amber eyes, “She just wasn’t you.” I finished.

    Colette became bold. I’d seen this look on her face before, the great protector. She was about to ride in on a great white horse and save me, just like she did when I was in fourth grade and the other kids at school were teasing and bullying me all the time. I can remember her back from college on break when I ran into the house crying with a black eye. She took me into her 18 year old arms and held me tight for what seemed like a lifetime, then took me into the bathroom and cleaned up my face and bandaged the broken skin on my knees from where I fell down. Then she sat me down on the edge of my bed, much like we were sitting right now, and asked me what had happened. I told her all about how the kids teased me for being overwieght and called me names, and when I tried to stick up for myself, one of them held me while the other one punched me, then they threw me to the ground. I’m pretty sure that’s the last time I had seen this face. She walked me to school the next day, and then met me later on to walk me home. She had me point out the two boys who did it, and, boy, did they get a tongue lashing. She knew their parents in our neighborhood and marched them home and told them what had happened. Not sure what happened after that exactly, but those boys never bothered me again.

    Now her eyes were no longer crying and her voice was no longer wavering. She was cool as ice. She was protecting her baby brother, although I couldn’t figure out how. That is, until she started to speak.

    “Well why the hell not?” She said loudly.

    I responded to her, almost laughing in memory of the fourth grade, “Why the hell not what?” I asked, now she was the one not finishing sentences.

    “Why the hell can’t you fantasize about marrying me someday? I’m a terrific prospect!” She looked at me for a moment, and I was just plain stunned into silence. In my head I’m thinking, ‘what the hell are you talking about?’. We both just stared at each other for a moment, then simultaneously we busted up laughing.

    “Listen,” she said, “it’s not like we’re blood relatives, as much as I love you as if you were my own mother’s son, there is no legal or biological reason you couldn’t marry me or Jennifer and have healthy, happy children someday.” I was just blown away, no clue whatsoever to think about this. “So park that guilt right there, mister, and go right ahead and be attracted to us, and have all the fantasies you want, and if you think you can take one of us on, go ahead and give it a shot. One thing’s for sure, you’ll have no trouble getting us to go out to dinner with you. Hell, you made it to first base when you were a toddler!”

    I was about to burst a kidney laughing, “You, my dear Colette, are a real piece of work.”

    “Yeah,” she laughed, “I guess I am.” We both laughed for a moment, then she spoke again, a little less forceful this time. “In fact, I’ll make you a deal.” She paused for a moment and gazed into my eyes. “If neither of us is married by the time I’m 32, I’ll meet you at the altar, I don’t want to wait until I’m in my late thirties to start making beautiful babies!”

    I was still laughing, but she had stopped. It took me a second, but I realized she was dead serious. “You’re not kidding.” I said. Not a question, just an observation.

    She took both of my hands in hers, continuing her gaze into my eyes, as if she could see right through them into my very soul, “No,” she agreed, “I’m not kidding at all. I can’t think of a better, more noble, more caring person in the whole world. If you want to date me, I’ll clear my calendar. Of course, that won’t be hard, considering I’m not seeing anyone.” She laughed again, softly. I noticed how much her laughter was like singing, like a beautiful song.

    “I have to think about all of this,” I said, “although, when you’re 32 and I’m 24 and we’re not married, I can’t think think of a more desireable woman to spend my life with.” She took one of her hands off of mine and wiped the wetness from my face, the leftover tears of guilt over desiring someone I felt a need to protect. I realized in that moment that she was right, there was nothing wrong with desiring the person you need to protect, especially in this case. The guilt fell away from me with every pass of her thumb across my cheek.

    Then she did something that I’d never let myself dream about before. Although in the back of my mind, maybe in the fleeting thoughts I had in the twighlight just before falling to sleep, the things that you don’t remember you even thought the next day, maybe I’d dreamed about it during that time, maybe I’d dreamed about it over and over again, but would never let myself remember. She stopped wiping the wet tears from my face and put her hand behind my head. I knew what was coming, but somehow couldn’t believe it. Like a movie, I was watching it from afar. She pulled my face into hers, and our lips met. Our lips met, not for the first time, for we’d shared kisses as a mother and son share kisses, but this was different. It was as deep and meaningful, but it was even more. Our lips lingered together for a moment, the butterflies of years past had been ressurected in my stomach, it was as if I was sharing my first kiss with a new girl all over again. Her mouth opened slightly, and I responded in kind, lost in the precious moment of her kiss. Our lips moved like a dance that we had once forgotten, and, even before her tongue slid softly between her lips to meet mine, I knew that I was once and for all, hopelessly, eternally in love with the gentle spirit before me.

    We were so lost in one another that we didn’t even hear the door slide open, she had never latched it. Our trance was broken by a soft, cautious voice, “Are you guys o.k. in there? The pizza’s… oh…” Startled, we both looked up and saw Jen standing in the doorway. Her mouth hung wide open as did her eyes.

    “Oh, uh, hey, Jenny, uh, thanks.” I said, the first to find my voice, the words stumbling out of my mouth like so many rocks tumbling down a cliff.

    “Is there, ah, something you want to… tell me?” she asked in a shy, small voice. Another time, the shock value alone would have been worth kissing just about anyone.

    Colette stood up, face beet red, and walked toward the door, clearly embarrased. “Nope, nothing.” She blurted out, then walked from the room down the stairs.

    “So I guess you guys worked everything out, then?” Jen said, the hint of smile on the corners of her mouth.

    “Yeah, uh, I guess you could say that.” I said, still in a state of pure shock. I followed Colette’s example and got up to walk out of the room. “Um,” I stammered, “don’t worry about before, you know, the, ah, nudity and jokes and stuff. Sorry I stormed out of the room, I’m not mad at you or anything.”

    “Okay, sure.” She said, her smile growing larger. “I guess we should, ah, go down and get some pizza then?” I smiled back, nervously, then walked behind her down the stairs to the kitchen.

    NOTE: I have a few stories but I need you’re help to pick which one to do. One is with Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, another is the classic guy likes girl but girl only likes guy as friend type of story. My third story is three teenage boys find out they can control Fire, Ice, and Lighting, No that story WILL NOT I REPEAT WILL NOT be a Boy/Boy story. So Help me out guys thanks.

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