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    Fridges are popular in industrial and domestic surroundings. No modern day home or food store is capable of doing without. The service life of the refrigeration system depends upon the compressor. It functions the most important functions – it compresses and pumps freon vapors in to the condenser, raises the pressure and temp from the freon.

    In regards a chance to replace a compressor, there are lots of details to take into consideration. Also the reliability of the unit, even though this is not only power. We have to bear in mind that you have different types of compressors. And this includes are screw, spiral and piston. They have got distinct technical configuration, and characteristicsabove all, layout.

    The most typical are reciprocating compressors. They contain a group of pistons (there could be up to 12 of them). Throughout compressor functioning, pistons compress the freon and promote its blood flow. The doing work product of such a model is refrigerant vapor. Please note how the comprehensive list of reciprocating compressors can be distinct – this will depend around the details of your technology. The effectiveness of this sort of device is determined by the amount of pistons.

    Attach compressors are described as a helical surface. This sort of devices work due to special attach rotors. It is they who perform main project – the circulation and compression of freon. In contrast to reciprocating compressors, attach compressors have a great frosty potential. For this reason these are widely used in business air and refrigerators conditioning systems. The very last settings of your attach compressor depends on the attributes of the refrigeration equipment. These units are really easy to use while they tend not to demand valves.

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